About Us

Megan's Foundation is a grantmaking nonprofit and a catalyst for change. We provide grants to high schools, colleges and nonprofits for education on healthy relationships, to empower young adults to recognize unhealthy behaviors and stop relationship violence BEFORE it starts. We are a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit. We do not teach content or provide programs. We distribute our funds to schools and organizations who will provide age-appropriate, healthy relationship programming for the students they serve.

OUR MISSION: To provide relationship violence BEFORE it starts.

Meet the Founders of Megans Foundation

Susann Montgomery-Clark, Megan's mom, Rod Clark, Megan's stepdad and Meredith Montgomery-Price, Megan's sister.
Susann serves as the Board President (Volunteer) and Rod serves as the Treasurer of the Board (Volunteer)
Meredith serves as the foundation's first Executive Director.

Megan Montgomery

Megan was a beloved daughter, sister aunt and friend to all. Kind, compassionate, animal advocate, devoted volunteer at Greater Birmingham Humane Society, she earned her Master's Degree from UAB and was employed as a writer for UAB's school of nursing. She was confident, tenacious and goal oriented. Her friends described her as "A light when she entered the room, with such a big heart, non-judgmental and welcoming to all."
That light was extinguished on December 1, 2019, when she was murdered by her estranged husband.
Megan felt called to share her experience to help other women avoid the horror that is domestic violence.
Megan's mother, stepdad and sister created the Megan Montgomery Foundation to prevent domestic violence, Inc. because it is what Megan wanted to do.

"I want to show them the warning signs; why it is so hard to get out. To help them with the legal system, to help them leave sooner. I'm embarking on my new calling, to help other girls and other victims."

Megan Montgomery (Her Instagram post - 6 weeks before she died)